Art History & Me

My love hate relationship with art started 10 years ago. Before that I thought art was there to be admired from a distance through the tainted windows, climatically controlled corridors of Museums.

That is until I stepped foot into the University of Auckland. It is here that I first stumbled upon the term ‘Art Historian’. What a word! Art Historian! What a bluff, what a foul trick to play on an unsuspecting barely legal adult. I became enthralled, mystified, lulled into a false sense of security. I can become his mythical being that studies Art in dimly lit rooms filled with beautifully bound art books, and look at paintings all day long and discover their origins, lineages and have old masters hang in my office, publish even more beautiful books about art and retire to my beautiful art filled house. Perhaps I could even teach Art History – inspire young minds to love art just as much as I do.

Seven years of blissfully day dreaming ensued and three degrees later I came to the realization that the term ‘Art Historian’ is a fantasy. No such thing actually exists! Even worse, a Masters Degree in Art history does not actually equate to a job.

Now I know, all you people out there with practical degrees like dentistry, physiotherapy etc etc will be shaking your heads in dismay at this ludicrous tale, but I have not given up hope yet. I will become an Art Historian! Even though it know it is impossible. There are no jobs out there, working in the art world is ridiculously difficult, under paid and insane at times – even though every one in the Art world is ridiculously over qualified with enormous student loans in tow.

I have made on small miraculous step in my journey to become an Art Historian. I have a job in an Art Gallery! Miraculous I know! Through this blog I hope to share my journey and perhaps indulge in my passion for Art History and share some of my research and stories with you.

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    • Master of Arts in Art History