Arthur E. Benjamin

Philanthropist and Entrepreneur in Palm Beach

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Arthur E. Benjamin is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist based in Palm Beach. An advocate for improving the lives of people and pets, he focuses the majority of his philanthropic efforts on animal welfare and breast cancer awareness. He is credited with launching numerous nonprofit initiatives over the years. Currently, his most prominent efforts include The Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation and American Dog Rescue Foundation.

American Dog Rescue Foundation is a volunteer-led organization that stands by a mission to ensure that no dog goes without a forever home. A few of the Foundation’s current initiatives include expanding animal shelters, closing down puppy mills, saving the Canadian seal habitat and putting an end to the dog meat trade. Arthur E. Benjamin is particularly passionate about the Foundation’s recent launch of a program that aims to connect PTSD-inflicted veterans with trained service dogs. A proud patriot, Benjamin is a supporter of all those who serve in the United States military and armed forces.