Arthur Watson

Melbourne, Australia

Hi, I am nine years old and I live in Melbourne with my mum, my dad, my brother, my dog Dexter and five chickens.

Some of my favourite things to do are: reading books, drawing pictures, playing with Dexter and taking him for walks, playing with LEGO (especially Star Wars LEGO), dreaming about making a model railway one day, going to the beach, admiring forests and playing with my friends. I also like old things.

My favourite colours are yellow, bright purple, turquoise and brown.

My favourite chicken is Emily who is a Pekin Bantam. She is yellow.

My favourite books are the 'How to Train Your Dragon' series by Cressida Cowell.

My favourite films are the Studio Gibli films, especially 'My Neighbour Totoro'.

My favourite kinds of dogs are Staffies, Jack Russell Terriers, Greyhounds and Whippets.

  • Work
    • Grade 4 at primary school
  • Education
    • see above