Arthur Marvin

I am a foreclosure-short sale comsumer advocate and provide online seminars on how to stop foreclosure in 1-Day without an attorney. Former mortgage broker, real estate broker, foreclosure consultant, author, and have a passion to help homeowners save their home from foreclosure. I am on the radio every sunday morning discussing foreclosures and short sales doing my best to explain in detail why we are experiencing a foreclosure epidemic and how to survive through it. I live in Las Vegas, NV and when time permits I play tournament poker and handicap NFL games, and my hobby is street magic and card tircks. I enjoy comedy and magic shows here in Las Vegas. Attended a military high school, graduated from the University of Arizona, have an MBA, and just finished obtaining a Juris Doctorate of Law and will use it to better understand why the legal profession is so condensending in not helping those who cannot help themselves.