Arthur Durnan

Belleville, Ontario, Canada

(Rev.) Arthur Durnan is an international Christian pastor/evangelist who has spoken throughout Canada, the USA and Beautiful Bermuda including practically all the West Indies Islands, the latter in usually month-long Gospel Tent "Days of Decision" Crusades. He has appeared on both the CBC & CTV Television Networks & on NewsTalk 1010's "Let's Discuss It!" with such personalities as Art Cole, Dr. William Fitch, The Hon. R. Roy McMurtry, Chief Justice of the Ontario Supreme Court (On "The Education of Mike McManus"); Fred Davis, Warren Davis, Dr. Paul Kurtz, University of Buffalo, the former President of The A.A.A., (American Society For The Advancement of Atheism) who thought we came to be as the result of the collusion of molecules on some ancient seashore!; Peter Gzowski, (known colloquially as "Mr. Canada") and one who didn't seem to know that many more innocent people were being executed by already-convicted-but-not yet-executed murderers than were ever killed wrongly by the State!; Michael Enright, the irascible Gordon Sinclair, Dr. A.C. Forrest, Editor, The United Church Observer, "New-Ager" Tom Harpur, Norm Perry's Saturday Night Show, etc. on into the night. Among many others, he has preached in such well-known churches as the "flagship" Alliance church in Toronto, Bayview Glen Alliance Church in North York, The Metropolitan Bible Church in Ottawa, Rosemount Church in Montreal, Lambrick Park Church in Victoria, B.C. and The Hastings Park Bible Church Belleville where he served as its Founding Lead Pastor. Arthur Durnan has led many "Arthur Durnan Bible Lands Pilgrimages" to Golden Israel & the Middle East including Walking in the dark Catacombs of Rome; climbing to the top inside the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and preaching on Mars Hill in Athens. He has explored KIng Tutankhamun's Tomb in The Valley of The Kings & strolled the ramp to Queen Hatshepsut's Palace in Deir El-Bahri. The most exciting visit was in The Cairo Museum of Antiquities for viewing long rows of open caskets holding various ancient mummies including Moses' Ramses 2 back from "repair" in Paris, France. You can view many of Arthur Durnan's "Sermons-On-The-Screen" and listen to "Messages For Our Mess Age" by going to: www.arthurdurnan.freeyellow.c