Arthur (Art) Brockman

A retired Lieutenant Colonel, Arthur Brockman completed 22 years of service in the United States Air Force, including 14 years of active duty and 8 years in the Air Force Reserves. His service included contributing to combat operations in Desert Storm. During an operation in Saudi Arabia, Art Brockman held the position of Chief of Flight Safety. His military career history also includes serving in positions such as F-15C Pilot, Air Liaison Officer, Wing Executive Officer, Squadron Executive Officer, Flight Commander, and Assistant Operations Officer. As a skilled pilot, Brockman served as the leader of the command-winning team of the 1989 ATC Torchlight competition. Active in a range of capacities during his military service, Brockman obtained Top-Secret Security Clearance. He also gained full membership with the International Society of Air Safety Investigators. Although retired from the United States Air Force, Art Brockman remains active as a pilot. Currently a member of the Southwest Pilots Association, he serves as a B-737 Captain for Southwest Airlines, based out Oakland, California. He resides in El Dorado Hills, a suburb of Sacramento.

Arthur Brockman holds a diverse academic history. An honors graduate of the University of Missouri, he completed his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Biological Sciences in 1985. He subsequently attended Northwestern Oklahoma State University, completing a Master of Education in International Relations in 1992. In the Air Force, his educational background includes graduating from the USAF Aircraft Safety and Systems Management Course at the University of Southern California and the Air Force Academic Instructor School. Art Brockman also completed military training at Squadron Officer School and Air Command and Staff College.