Arthur Correa

Arthur has been playing soccer since the age of 4 and has a big heart for the game. He started club soccer at age 13 with Real So Cal scoring the most goals on the team his first season. He has been on his high school varsity soccer team since freshman year, and continues to lead the team as the years go on. Arthur is also a very quick learner and some of his great qualities include his vision, his athleticism and his will to win every ball for his teammates. To Arthur, the term "off season" doesn't exist, as he works hard year-round to perform his best. Arthur enjoys free styling as a hobby and has had over 2,000 touches on the ball without letting it hit the ground. His hobby paid off when he was asked to work with Shakira in the Official 2010 FIFA World Cup video, "Waka Waka" as a freestyle footballer. Arthur also runs varsity track, performing in the 110m and 300m hurdles.