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Small Business Owner in Germantown, Maryland

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Owner: Arthur Fretwell

Phone: (770) 896-7242


Address: 33 Staffordshire Ct, Germantown, MD 20874 United States

Category:Psychic, Psychic Medium, Reiki, Life coach, Massage, Germantown, Baltimore, Gaithersburg ,Bethesda, Frederick, Rockville MD

One of the best Washington DC psychics is Arthur Fretwell. He offers psychic phone readings as well as sessions in person in Life Coaching, Astrology, and Channeling. Arthur has now relocated to the Washington D.C. area in Germantown, Maryland. Arthur is also a first class Psychic Medium. He utilizes all of his abilities including but not limited to Clairvoyance (psychic sight), Clairaudience (psychic hearing), Clairsentience (psychic feeling), Clairgustance (psychic taste/smell), Claircognisence (psychic knowing) and Channeling (a form of embodying the energy of someone).

Arthur believes that while giving answers to all your most important questions is essential in all of his readings, that is not his primary purpose. Just to give someone the weather report does not help them beyond knowing what to wear when going outside. He provides the look ahead and also helps make you aware of the choices you have available to you. Through this style of reading Arthur's clients have been able to see the patterns they are using in their life that no longer serve them and make the changes to get the life they want.

Remember we all get messages from our guides every day. Spirit guides are the other souls that are with you since birth that you have picked to help you with all your life choices. They are that little voice that tells you when you meet someone for the first time if you like them or not. It can also be the gut feeling that tells you do not go down that street there is danger there. Sometimes it can come in the form of a memory of a song playing in your head or an even a familiar smell that no one else smells. These are all ways in which we all can be Listening to Wisdom. Arthur believes the truth resides within all of us and sometimes we need a guide to find it again. Let Arthur be your guide on this most fantastic of journeys we call life.