arturo perez

My name is Arturo , my last name is Pérez. I was born on october 24, 1996. I’m from parral, chapas.
My parents name are maria and Arturo, i have a brother, his name is fabian, he is studing in the high school seven . My father working in a junior school.
I like listen to music. my favorite hobbie is play videos and play guitar. I studied kínder garden in Gabriela mistral, the elementary school in Hermenegildo galeana and the junior high school in miguel lara vasayos.
I like watch tv and my favorite program is cartoon and game show.
I participated in a competition to vex 2013, I am disc jockey, I like to party with Friends and some time go out with my brother or my cousin.
in my neighborhood sometimes there is something new, I usually go to the store to buy.