Jeanette Arthur

Brussels, Belgium

By day an Air Traffic Controller, but that makes me sound far too serious! I would much rather be dancing, writing songs, gardening, baking, walking my dog, sailing, you name it, if you can make it do it or eat it I am interested and want to know more about it.

Facts about me

I am an only child . . . . .yes I know we are difficult

So far 42 years on the planet but I sometimes forget that!

Where I live, between a clog and a croissant, in Brussels Belgium

My family, Jane, the girlfriend, Geneva, the daughter, Fifa, the ball obsessed dog and Pretzel the cat from . . . . well I'm not sure where exactly but it's definitely a strange place!

I am obsessed with jars and everything you can put in them

I look like a boy if I cut my hair too short

Skill set and level

Organiser 85%

Chef 75%

Dancer 55%

Dog walker 95%

Friend 90%

Fashion guru 70%

  • Work
    • Air Traffic Controller
  • Education
    • MBA London Business School