Arthur 💌

Thanks for clicking this link! I hope you take the time to read it all, thank you 💌

My name is Arthur! Use They/them pronouns with me please!

I'm going to list my Kins/Ids now:• Arthur Kirkland (100000% me!)• Kneesocks (panty and stocking)• Jasper (Steven Universe)• Boss (akame ga kill)

Synpath(s): //You can follow!!• Sugilite (Steven Universe)

🔴DO NOT FOLLOW ME if you think you're me or know anyone who Says their me!! Thank you🔴

If we share kinverses you can call me by any of those names too! I don't mind!

DONT follow if you are:• Racist• Have a phobia of any sexualitys/genders• post shotacon• post animal abuse• enjoy animal abuse• Have beef with @aphtoni, they're my cinnamon roll and if you hurt them you're gonna catch these hands 🔪• are following just to be a spy• are inactive

Please like and comment on some of my photos! If you don't I'll think you're a spy and block/unblock you! You don't even have to always comment but just like my posts please!!

I am single but I just got out of a really bad relationship and I don't wanna get into another for awhile

🚨DONT follow if you know me irl or have seen me from school! I have let 1 person AND 1 PERSON ONLY do this, and that it because they are very close to me!!!🚨

Interests: Tokyo Ghoul, Hetalia, GAME GRUMPS (sorry I just love them haha), Undertale, Attack on Titan, Akame Ga Kill, Steven Universe

If we share any intrests tell me! I love meeting new people and making new friends! I may seem shy and awkward at first but I tend to open up afterwards💕

After you've read this, please DM me 'absolute rubbish' for me to accept your request! Thank you!! ❤️