arthur maxson

Artist in the United States

arthur maxson

Artist in the United States

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i'm maxson! u can call me elder or arthur if u want

i'm istj, chaotic neutral and a cat person

i'm kin w arthur maxson from fallout 4, trevor philips from gtav, pagan min from far cry 4, zarya from ovewatch and paladin danse (also from fallout 4)

elder maxson is my strongest kin, he is literally me i am literally him

trevor is not as strong but still very up there, along with zarya and danse

pagan is not super strong either!

I'm completely OK with doubles unless it's maxson

if u need to talk u can dm me??? I might not answer, I'm not online much so it's probably a better idea to message someone else but just so you know !!

comfort charas r sans, mettaton, asriel and toriel

I don't vent very much don't worry about that !! and I try to avoid any pics that r upsetting

I'll tag you as your kins just ask or remind me! I have no problem doing it haha

dm me a pic of one of my kins to be accepted 👍👍