Arthur Sevren

Small Business Owner in Denver, Colorado

Arthur Sevren, founder of innovative concepts. His varied career includes roles as: President, Franchise Development, Branch Manager, Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales, Regional Director, VP Territory Development, National Director of Recruitment and Training, Director of Admissions and has achieved a personal record of sales achievements.

A key member of several development and creative teams - he has implemented new business concepts, training programs and recently took leadership roles in a franchise launch, PR authorship, marketing materials, web-site content and Social Media creation.

For over 20+ years Arthur Sevren is especially proud to have recruited and guided the careers of thousands of people across national demographics and through varying economic cycles.

Catch Arthur Sevren's thought leader posts across the internet on life success strategies, the environment, and cultural trends as he is passionate about current topics that share new light on issues that impact our lives, society, business and the world.

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