Paolo Volpi

I'll start with one topic at a time. For a number of years I have been into living healthy. But that was before I fully researched and knew the facts of actually living healthy and having the knowledge and acting out the healthy lifestyle. Just under a decade ago, I was suddenly diagnosed with cancer. The news struck me like a bullet. To make a long story short, my recovery was not very pleasant. The good thing was how my experience made me stronger and healthier. I discovered new meanings to living and eating healthy. My experience enabled me to see through smoke and mirrors of the so-called "healthy lifestyle" and directed me on a channel of associating myself with the right people who went to even greater lengths to help others prevent from getting sick. My purpose is to share with you the benefits of following a few simple rules to have a longer and lasting life by prevention rather than treatment. My other practices include the building construction industry which I'm involved in the technical side of things. Promoting health and wellness is what I live by daily.

My offered services include research, promoting and writing reviews and opinions for various products of my preferred topics aforementioned. I guide others to help them make well-informed decisions and think outside the box on products they are interested in. My purpose for reviewing products and services is to provide both the pros and cons of popular and well-known products using my knowledge, expertise, and experience. To add to my services, I guest write and carefully and articulately compile information for articles and ebooks.