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About Artificial Grass Recyclers

We at Artificial Grass Recyclers (AGR) are helping change the landscaping industry and our environment. AGR is doing this by recycling used artificial turf. We recognized an opportunity to recycle when we discovered that as professional teams, colleges, and high schools upgraded their sports fields they were sending the perfectly usable synthetic grass to the landfills.

The used synthetic turf, also known as fake grass and artificial grass, is carefully removed from the athletic field and typically rolled up in 15’ by 45’ sizes. Sometimes the turf comes from your favorite college or professional team. We ship the turf to a partner who stores and helps our customers by loading the artificial turf. We refer to our local area partners as Facilitators.

The turf we recycle is still in good condition and has many more years of use in it. This used field turf can be repurposed for all different kinds of projects. It’s been used in landscape for businesses and residents as well as paintball parks, batting cages, indoor and outdoor sports fields.

Most people don’t know that used turf is an option or that it is even available. The biggest benefit of using recycled turf is that it’s much less expensive than new turf: up to 80% less, as a matter of fact! This is a solution for those projects that are on a tight budget. Feel free to take a look at our online gallery of some of the completed projects our customers have shared with us.