Arno Richter


ArtifyWorld - Artifying, what's that ?

ArtifyWorld - maybe the best online artificial creativity application in the world !

ArtifyWorld creates modern art images for you by using your uploaded images.

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We want to help people make more out of their photos,
than just archive them and publish them to some blogs or image hosting sites.

We love modern art, we live modern art,
and so we want people to participate and do something new with their images.
We at ArtifyWorld, think we discovered a new kind of modern computer art.

To create the ArtifyWorld kind of art with your very own images, just get an ArtifyWorld account
and decide what ever kind of service you want to use.
There is a test & try service called ArtifyYou and two really professional services
called ArtifyMe and ArtifyUs.
Choose the right one for you and upload your material, afterwards.

After queuing your uploaded image files, our Creative Artificial Intelligence,
shortly called C.A.I., starts to create "artifies" based on your images.
This is a very complex process, so please be patient with "her".

See some examples of user contributed Artifies at the ArtifyGallery.

We allow to upload maximal three files per artifying job and you receive three, six or nine "Artifies" for each uploaded image file, dependig on the service you subscribed. You will find your new "artifies" immediately at your ArtifyManager.

You can give your friends, family, business partners and other contacts the permission to access your "Artifies", or share your "artifies" to numerous Internet sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr.

Use our Artify2Snapfish, or Artify2Photobox services to forward your "Artifies" to one of our affiliate partners for ordering canvas prints, gifts, posters, photos and many more great articles.

We wish you all the best and may the sprit of ArtifyWorld be with you. :-)