Artillery Tools, LLC

Artillery Tools has developed patented and is bringing to market the Artillery Pry Bar System. This system is a lightweight prying tool system that speeds demolition time in the construction industry. This system features interchangeable blades, handles, and fulcrums all contained in a sturdy carrying case that goes to every job site. This unique design is very versatile because it can be adapted to handle many different demolition situations. The specially designed shape of the fulcrums allows for excellent scraping action and increases the range of prying motion, which puts the prying forces right where you need them. The variety of blade sizes allows you to find the blade shape that works best for every application. The different handle lengths enable the Artillery Pry Bar to bridge the gaps between the small pry bars and the larger ones, enabling leverages and weights to be changd. The enhanced prying and scraping abilities allows the user to do more work with each stroke. This increases productivity and reduces fatigue of joints and muscles. We have two different case sizes that can be customized to suit your needs with several new specialty tools options including the Deck Blade and Fulcrum, the 8” Blade, the Finish Nail & Staple Blade, Salvage Blade, Ball Grip & Cap, 25” Fiberglass Handle, 13" Fiberglass Handle, Scraping Fulcrum Left Toe Kick, Right Toe Kick and the Rebar Bender Head. With our 29 different pieces, over 180 different demolition tools can be assembled in less that one minute each. These new items add versatility by more effectively addressing specific project needs! Artillery Tools is devoted to working with contractors to continue developing new tools to make demolition faster and easier.