Artin Afsharjavan


Artin Afsharjavan is the name that does not need any introduction. As the famous businessman, he has earned not only fame, but also respect in the business industry.

The early childhood days of he were spent in the calm & peaceful environment of his grandpa's farm house. Unlike other children, he was highly enthusiastic for higher studies, mainly in the mechanical field. he use to spend hours playing with small toy toolkit & a little junkyard on the farm house. He used to take interest in exploring the techniques of mechanical working.

The school life of he was full of breathtaking achievements on the academic platform. The California Institute of Technology served as a very fine stage for he. Despite being the topper of the class, he was active in the participation of extracurricular activities, mainly baseball. Among his academic achievements, a great victory of his baseball team in the inter-state level leaves a praiseful mark on his profile.

After completing the high school with top grades, he chose to go for the higher studies in mechanical science. The gradation degree from the same university was just the beginning of his career as the formal businessman. The gift of $10000 from his father on his graduation ceremony day served as the base for the investment in the Auto Design Business. Starting with a small office with his friends, he has now a big company under his control.

Today, at the age of 30, he runs a reputed Mechanical designing company. His major clients include the top MNCs from all over the world. As a businessman, he is active in the software development. His recent joint venture project on the artificial intelligence integration has been done significantly great. Unlike other businessman, he is a very good Manager who keeps the well being of his employees as the first priority.

he has valuable experience as a manager. Also, the engineering background has not devoid him of various management skills. A sharp eye over the work & fluent decision making power is among his best characteristics. He is gifted with a diplomatic mind which enables him to give shaper to his imagination & prepare best strategies to market them.

The future plans of he include the purchase of the Technology Park & utilize it for the education & inspiration of school children. Artin Afsharjavan has already stepped in the Mechanical Development Factory Project which is reported to be completed in the last

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