Artist in Athens

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It has been almost two decades that we began transforming our spirit of creativity to trees made from cooper wire & beads. The result was amazing. Every single tree has something to say through its materials. Shells for summer memories, glass beads for elegant moments, fluorescent drops for kinky tastes & unlimited other combinations of materials and colours.

Of course through the years our restless spirit of creativity pushed us to move forward and experiment not only with deco items but also with juwellery always nature's form. Necklases, earrings, bracelets & we keep moving on.

Now it's the moment that we can share our handmade products with you. A special gift for your beloved ones, a classy gift for your collection. There will be always a reason to make yours a lucky tree that will last forever.

Unique because they are handmade and in limited quantities because it's our hobby, we invite you to look them, share them, love them.

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