Marilen Crump

Yorktown, VA

Thank you for visiting my page on About.Me! I am currently residing in Yorktown, VA as the owner of my own company that I started in 2000 called ArtInspired. This company embodies my faith, interests, skills and passions. (Learn more about ArtInspired @

I grew up in the Philippines until I was 7 years old and began formal education in the United States and my journey completely expanded from there. I am thankful for the sacrifies that my parents made to get us into the right environment and growing up as an Army "brat" really helped to shape my outlook.

My Timeline:

Current (2013) >>> Married to my best friend Kenneth Crump, together we run The ARTINSPIRED Center in Yorktown and ARTINSPIRED Denbigh Campus in Newport News, VA ( Both spaces opened this year as an expansion of our first retail space off Victory Blvd. in Yorktown. In May 2013, I added another fitness certification for BOKWA instruction to provide more variety for the wellness services we offer our students.

January ... Relocated to a larger space in Yorktown, VA
February ... Started Wellness on Main Street at Peninsual Family Skating Center
March ... Participated in Dancing with the Williamsburg Stars / Filmed TV Pilot "Company Town"
April ... Acquired new location in Newport News
May ... BOKWA Certification / Appeared in National Walmart Commercial
June ... Grand Opening Celebration of ARTINSPIRED Denbigh Campus

Participated in Dancing with the Williamsburg Stars
Acquired PILOXING Certification

Participated in Dancing with the Williamsburg Stars
Opened ArtInspired Studio One in Yorktown, VA

Participated in Dancing with the Williamsburg Stars

Bachelor of Arts, Sweet Briar College: Williams Scholar, Honors Graduate
Interdisciplinary Arts Self-Designed Major: Music, Theatre, Dance and Psychology
CNU Summer Institute for the Arts Participant
TVI Studios Actors Summer Inten