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The Jones'z Art Is Life

Mike Jones and Lady Day full of Alluring Passion, and a uniquely blended Auras,Manifesting Everything with the powers combined , morphing to the next level with intensity to leave the world breathless and in suspense , modern day Morticia and Gomez maybe , but realms unfathomable Mike Jones The Chemistry of the dimensional Auras of His Creations has Uniqueway of reaching and Surfacing A Layer you never thought you could fathomYou had..or Shy to bring out lol..Mike Jones artist Is Like No Other!!Rated Top Tattoo Artist In New York and growing as a Industry Fast!!Lady Day Multi Talented to Piercing to Marketing ,Model, Actress and deeply in love with Artist Mike Jones , ready to take there popularity to the next Level very Marketable with the right visionary lets add some deep alluring passion to Television with Bring the JONESZ COUPLE OF ARTISTIC PROPORTIONS BEYOND TATTOOS PIERCING BUT THE ART AND WHAT IS BEHIND THE STROKES.....