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Artist Xone is not your average feature page. It is and always will be a feature page for underrated/unknown artists. Tired of seeing the same big artists spammed across feature pages? Well you’ll never have that here. Talent is definitely out there—there’s just not a spotlight on it yet.

[Feature Rules]

—Tag the art you want to be featured with #artist.xone

—Tag 2 friends on posts they might like from our page

—Must have under 5’000 followers! Sorry! (At that point you’d be growing pretty well, tbh)

*These only make you eligible for a feature

{Feature Process}

+THREE of your artworks will be posted on our page

+Artists will always be tagged in their art and at the TOP of the description

*Artists have full control of their posts once featured


Account Admin Wanted

—>Must be active daily for 1h+

—>Must pass my “artist eye” test

—>Must pass 5-day trial