vakerie samoya

I'm am an unknown artist with a long beginning. I've been drawing for as long as i could hold a pencil. In high school my instructors were the first to see and critique my work. When I first went to college I had thought I wanted to become a teachwe but I didnt have the patients for it. I would like to say I've grown since then merely in the sense of changing my interests, marrying, having my son, and then divorcing. After that I used my art to allow me to get past the bruises to my confidience. In 2002 I tried to develop a new relationship with a graghic artist. He proved to be very eclectic and quarky as artist are but with a very dark side. I have since moved on from that disaster with even more scars. But I prefer to think of it as a LEARNINING experience. I've concentrating on changing careers unsuccessfully. I'm not a good student I think possibly adult ADD. So I'm trying to get by working in retail,babysitting and caring for my elderly parents. While supporting my son as he finishes High School though he unfortunately inherited my ADD but has battled and overcame some of it. He's a casual artist just to relax. He wants to create with his hands mechanically. And is planning to go into the service. That leaves me to find something new to do and try to find someone 40 ish and willing to give me a shot at whatever their business is. I guess I'm the typical artist as well undecided, quarky, and a little nieve about the world besides being a lousy speller.