My name is Jacqualine- Jacqi works just peachy,thanks! I was born in a small town in KY.At the age of 5, my family moved to Tennessee and lived there until the age of 11. After that, I have found myself residing in the city of Lexington back in KY. I was raised to have respect, work hard, play even harder, and be myself- which is very unique.

My oddities include: psychology,graveyards,landscaping, music, playing guitar,singing, razorblades, MMO gaming,camping, hiking, fishing, the dark, rabbits, blood, dancing, death, life, art, babies, frogs, and assorted other things in life. I am cynical, weird,dark at times and just me. I love meeting new people,learning, and broadening my life in any way I can.

I have studied at BCTC,majoring in psychology. However, photography and graphic design are the true captures of my heart. The photo you see in the background is mine. I took it here in Lexington at McConnell Springs last year. I actually hope to take graphic design further than just a hobby. I knowledge in HTML,CCS, and Javascript.

If you or someone you knows needs some graphic design done, I can help and have references. I recently finished my first business web page for a client. For more information, please contact.

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