Theresa Geiser

My name's Theresa, but I also go by Therese-Helene (my french name) from time to time. I'm a part time student and a full time lover of the arts. You name it, I've tried it: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, blogging, polyvore-ing, poetry, yadda yadda. I love it all. I aim to be the best at everything to make my Standford dream come true, but in reality, I'm destined to wear paint covered overalls and work with my hands in some old studio in South San Francisco. I'm a So Cal native, and I currenty reside in Orange County, but I spent five years in the Bay Area and could never love any place more. Southern California chaparrel doesn't hold a candle to redwoods. It's cheesy but so true: I have a passion for fashion. I jump around from style to style depending on my mood. I currently obsess over lace, cut up high waisted denim and anything bohemian. Groovy! My loves include: PIXAR, Starbucks, figure skating ( no double jumps yet) pogosticking (record 1200) speaking French, anything artsy ( OBVIOUSLY), lace up boots, ratty denim, cityville on facebook (level 67, I'm officially obsessed), going to bed way too early and sleeping in way too late, red hair (Ronald Weasely is HoT), turquoise, winter, december, eggnog, my Micheal Kors pea coat, and Christmas. That sums me up. Thanks for reading!