James McCutcheon

I am James McCutcheon aka artistjim.com. I've had a passion for art since childhood and knew that my path in life would be art related. I currently teach art to 1st-8th graders in an impoverished area in West Philadelphia. While, it's not my dream job, this position allows me to help less fortunate kids while teaching about something I love and lets me constantly see 'art' through the eyes of a child. It also affords me a steady income, albeit a small one, and two uninterrupted months to focus solely on creating artwork. This leads me to the answer of the question, you've all been asking yourself since I brought it up two sentences ago: What is my dream job? I'd like to be able to provide for my family, solely, through the creation of my art. This leads to the ultimate question and one I've given a great deal of thought about, how? Well, I now believe that their is no set answer to this question but a series of steps/answers: first, create, create, create, second, get work seen by as many people as possible, finally, make it as easy as possible for viewers to purchase the aforementioned creations.