Manish Parekh

Manish Parekh is not an unknown name for Entertainment Industry of Rajkot, Baroda & Mumbai. Actor, Director, Choreographer, Journalist, Media Consultant & recent times very popular Ex-Radio Jockey as ‘Manmoji Manish’ of 93.5 SFM Radio Station, Rajkot. He has trained number of students ranging from S.N.K., B.M.Kyada, D.P.S. Schools & Colleges like Christ, Virani Science, Atmiya Engineering & so many Social & Cultural Groups like Jain Social, Rotary, IMA & others in the field of Drama & Choreographies. Recently His Written,Directed & Produced Two Act Musical Play:' Wishwamanvi: Umashankar Joshi' Acclaimed 7 Awards in Guj. Sangeet Natak Academy Competetion.