Nancy Goodenow

Always loved drawing and art. Did not have a formal art education, but was able to study with various teachers in Pittsburgh, PA and in Florida. While my two daughters were young and in school, I had the time to paint and participate in art shows and enter competition in Pennsylvania. As the years went by (far too quickly) and the girls grew up, I moved to Florida and between working and doing photography, I painted. Now that I am retired and in Central Oregon, I have a studio in my yard and can paint whenever I wish. I have had one show here and will have another in November at our local gallery. I have taught adult classes. My favorite artists are Monet and Van Gogh, and I get excited looking at the books of art works from around the world and of the great masters. Color is so exciting! I use vivid colors, work in abstract and expressionism. I also still do my photography, for pleasure only now.