Alyse-Ambrielle Hanna

I guess we all have pretty unique stories, and I am no exeption to that. I am a daughter, sister, aunt, niece, best friend, and girl friend. I would have to say that I wouldn't trade any of those titles for the world. I am the offspring of two lovers in a rock-n-roll band, who are still happily married. My mom is a music teacher now and teaches voice and piano lessons. My dad owns his own music store called Replay Music, and a recording studio called Prime Time. The great thing is is that on weekends they still have a band and will go play for clubs. I think thats pretty sweet. I have two sisters, and I swear they're about as opposite as you can get for being in the same family. I have the best friends in the universe. THEY ARE ALL SO QUIRKY AND LOVEABLE. I couldn't live without any of them.

I have a passion for the fine arts. I think that creating is the most unique thing that a person can do, which is pretty contradictory because nearly all humans create in one way or another. I use art to describe all that is around me, or circling in my head. I think that sharing your art or creating with someone is the most intimate thing you can do. I really look up to those people who sit on the street corner with their instrument playing away. Its incredible that they may have nothing else left in this world than there passion, and its the last thing they are willing to give up. I really do think that that is respectable. I feel the same way about my brushes and paint. Once you learn to create with something it becomes park of your soul.

  • Education
    • Studying at Kent State University