Artist's Anatomy

Artist’s Anatomy is proud to present the first in a series of exciting new anatomy models for the traditional illustrator, painter, digital artist, modeler, sculptor, medical student or professional, educator and art collector. What makes our anatomy models unique is the demonstration of the full array of muscle tissue, as it would appear under the skin. Our models are not dissected nor made to show the skeletal features as this often hinders a model’s usefulness as an accurate tool. By maintaining the full appearance of the musculature throughout the figure the user has easy access to a one-sixth-scale model at his or her fingertips. Whether you are a digital modeler looking for a Maquette, a fine artist, illustrator, sculptor, medical student, body builder, teacher or you’re just looking for something cool to display in your office, library or study, the Artist’s Anatomy human anatomical model is an invaluable instrument that is sure to give you that competitive edge.