Artists and Orphans: A True Drama

Award-Winning Documentary Film in the United States

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Artists and Orphans: A True Drama is an Academy Award nominated short documentary that follows a troupe of New York actors and dancers on a journey to take part in an arts festival in the Republic of Georgia. Arriving to find a country in crisis, the troupe meets a nun and a school teacher caring for a group of orphans living in deprivation. Making their home in an abandoned mental hospital, the children face the oncoming winter without heat, electricity and other basic provisions. The artists undertake a race against time to provide what’s needed before winter descends.

In addition to its Academy Award nomination, Artists and Orphans won the Inspiration Award for Best Documentary at the Lake Arrowhead International Film Festival and the Audience Choice Award for documentaries at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The film received a Best Feature Documentary nomination at the Docside Film Festival. Artists and Orphans was also honored with the award for Best Short Film at the Florida Film Festival.