Damian Watkins

Ask and I will tell you, but be prepared. I am an open minded & honest person, which sometimes offends(I was always told that honesty is a virtue, go figure?) and possibly scares the people in my town. I have developed a bitter hatred for liars and cheaters over the years. So if you're looking to play mind games, carry your childish shit somewhere else. Or you may get the truth shoved down your throat. I'm originally from the beach. I'm a gamer that enjoy bikes, tats, and piercings. But I'm a country(real country, not that "I have a $60k boat with all the trimmings country) boy at heart, I'm all about getting muddy on a 4-wheeler, fishing, tracking, and so on. Which makes me an outcast on both sides of the spectrum. I'm 6 foot even, a slim 180, blonde & blue. There's no telling on hair style, I may keep it short or possibly let it grow out for a while. Who knows I may walk in with a mohawk(which I have had & enjoyed) one day. Variety is the spice of life, right? I wear anything from casual to (cyber)punk & on occasion I've been known to put on a suit or two. The rest is left for your imagination and possibly conversation.