Art Kavanagh

Document Automation, Legal Forms Development, and Word VBA in Dublin, Ireland

Document assembly and automation:

I worked for infolaw in London for 18 years, where we used HotDocs to automate the legal precedents and forms issued by a leading legal publisher. I have extensive experience of using the techniques and software listed below to automate “smart” document templates for lawyers.

* HotDocs

* XpressDox

* Keyhouse’s document generation system

* Word templates with fields

Each of these involves the insertion into Word templates of variable fields or data fillpoints, marking up alternative and/or conditional text and changing the “flow” of a document to reflect the answers to previously asked questions. As a result, productivity in document drafting is greatly improved.

In each system, a finished document is generated by answering a series of questions in an “interview” or Q&A format, or by querying a database. The generated document opens in Word, ready for final editing and/or formatting.

My particular skill is in automating batches or sets of precedents (sometimes very large precedent sets) with speed and accuracy. I’m also experienced in converting precedent sets between the differing formats.

Word VBA:

In automating precedents, I made extensive use of Word’s powerful macro language, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). For more than 20 years, since the introduction of Word 97, I have been using Word VBA to manipulate and process batches of Word documents. The main services I offer using Word VBA are:

* Reformatting bought-in precedent sets to conform to your house style

* Converting batches of documents between formats (e.g. to HotDocs from a proprietary document generation format)

* Global replace of specified text in a batch of documents (particularly in cases which are unsuitable for a straightforward find-and-replace because, for example, of slight variations in the text)

* Inserting a letterhead into all (and only) the letters in a set of precedents (This is suitable if you don’t use a printed letterhead; if you do, see below)

* Extracting data (dates, currency amounts, addresses, successive words with initial caps etc) from a batch of Word documents

I also supply custom VBA macros. For example, if you normally send out your letters by post on a printed letterhead, but also wish to send some of them as email attachments with the letterhead included, I can set up a macro to insert your letterhead into an individual letter.

If any of these services looks like it might be a match for your requirements, message me to discuss it.