Art Lawson

Santa Clarita, California

Hi everyone! I am an aspiring composer of music for radio, TV, and internet advertising. My mission is to provide my clients with original compositions that integrate seamlessly with the story they are conveying to the buying public about their goods and/or services. Music for advertising can be considered "genre specific" and is dependent on the nature of the merchandise or service being depicted in the ad. I have every confidence that I can supply you with a composition for your ad that is not only "genre specific", but will work to enhance the quality and the overall appeal of the advertisement. This translates into more exposure and increased sales of your product. Please contact me if you would like to learn more about my service.

To hear samples of my work, please click on the link for my page below.

  • Work
    • Hollywood, California
  • Education
    • June 2014 graduate (anticipated)