Arnold Jimenez

Arnold Jimenez (Artnold) has been working on Art as integration since the 90's, he was born in Mexico and studied and lived around the globe. Jimenez has done several multidisciplinary studies as a way to provoke and maintain the creative stimulus, Since 2004 he has been working on intersections between fine art film and visual arts.

Arnold Jimenez have explored several styles of paintings, installation art and performances in galleries, alternative venues and theatrical settings, only a summary is listed here.

2011 Pinta London, London UK, Salar Gallery La Paz, Washington DC.

2009 Artist in residence, and teaching, HK, HK

2008 Artist in residence, and teaching, Malaga Spain

2007 Artist in residence, and teaching, Los Cabos Mx

2006 Story board and screenwriting for Fine Art film. (Ongoing project)

2005 “Maria” Collective art show, 5th avenue , New York, New York, USA

2004 “Conceptual-perceptual” Collective art show, Howard Performance Arts Center, Berrien Springs MI. USA

2003 Artist in residence, Manhattan, New York

2002 “The universal light” Solo exhibit and art performance on main stage, collaboration with AU University Singers Choir, Frederick S. Upton Foundation, US congress Michigan 6th District, The Mendel Center for the Arts Lake Michigan College, Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA.

1999, “Post-postmodern Jesus” Performance art, Washington, DC. USA.

1999 Solo exhibit “Transcendence after postmodernism” Installation art with hundreds of found objects, AU Art Gallery, MI, USA. Featured in The South Bend Tribune.

1998 Solo exhibit “Dead end of postmodernism” Installation art with found objects and film projector. AU Gallery, MI, USA

1996 ”Art as information” Installation art, neckties with drawings, paintings and computers. Eleonor Jackson Gallery, Montemorelos, Mex.