Stephen Logan

Senior Data Center Engineer in Wednesbury, United Kingdom

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Hello, I’m Stephen. I’m a Senior Data Center Engineer living in Wednesbury, United Kingdom. I am a fan of technology, web development, and arts. I’m also interested in design and photography. You can support my charity with a click on the button above.

Greetings Everyone, I'm Stephen living in Wednesbury West Midlands.

I need everyone,s help in supporting me in my charity, MOVEMBER.

Go to my link or click on support my charity and help me to help save people.

We have all lost family, friends and people we knew from one or all of these illnesses.

I know if I raise a small amount of money it will help, even if I can only help one person, I will have achieved my goal.

I will update my link regularly with photos of my progress. I'm going the whole hog and growing my beard too!

So please help by donating on my link. PayPal or Card payments.

Guys, take part register or just donate on my link.

You can also purchase promotional items from the Movember Foundation.

Thank You.