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Perhaps you found yourself an excellent realtor, spent countless hours on-line or combed through neighborhoods searching for that ideal property to call home. Whatever means you’ve used, it’s a fairly daunting task to find that perfect fit. Most people upon making the decision to purchase a home hope to stay in their nest for the long-haul...or at least a good long while.

Do you remember the excitement you felt when you finally found it? Maybe it was brand-new, or maybe all you could see was the vast potential, but in that moment you loved that house!

For many of us, that excitement fades quickly. Thoughts emerge like, I didn’t notice how little natural lighting there was, or, is this patio even level? The place you once loved begins to work your last nerve. You begin avoiding your patio, or cooking less because those spaces create negative regard. (UGH!! I hate this kitchen, there’s no storage for anything!)

I say do yourself a favor and LOVE YOUR HOUSE AGAIN!! Put in a new window or two, level that patio, update those cupboards!! Make your little piece of Earth a place that brings you ultimate joy. A place where friends and family alike can’t wait to visit...a place you can’t wait to go home to.