Thomas Roam

Originally from a small town called Arkoma, Oklahoma, I now live in South Carolina. I worked for 5 years with Delta Airlines were I enjoyed the ability to travel across various states. There are still many places I'd like to see! For two years I attended class at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I've studied various styles of art from free hand to digital artwork and animation. I have no formal degrees in art so the possibly means that I am self-taught. I find that my main style of art is of the human form. Life drawing has always attracted my interest. The most enjoyable medium for me is ebony pencil. Though, I really want to learn more about the color wheel and how colors interact. From there I plan to start painting. Now days I find myself enrolled at the University of Phoenix studying business. I plan to receive my MBA here and see were it takes me. Ultimately I want to own and operate a business. The real question is what kind of business? I currently work as a sleep therapist for Regional Health Diagnostics, Inc. We also conduct EEG studies on patients who have seizures. These studies help peoples physicians diagnose and treat different ailments. It's quite a rewarding job and I've enjoyed doing it for over 6 years. I've recently rediscovered collecting sports memorabilia. There is always the possibility of opening this kind of business. However, I don't want it to take away from the joy I find in the hobby. Therefore, I do what I can to keep it strictly to collecting. If you are curious, my main collection is of Hakeem Olajuwon. This is someone I've collected since I was a kid. Now I've added to that collection some Oklahoma Sooners football players and alumni. I have also started collected players for the Dallas Cowboys.