Marcella Hayes Muhammad

Artist in Decatur, Georgia

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After retiring from a successful teaching career Marcella Hayes Muhammad began her second career is an award winning fine artist. She is recognized for her elegant style, intricate detail and vibrant colors.

In addition to her original oil paintings,Marcella is also recognized for her popular licensed designs with print on demand companies online through her website. MaruvaWare is a line of colorful unique and original designs reflecting the cultural heritage of a great segment of America. Hattitude is a design based on ladies wearing their best hats on Sunday to church. Afro Lines are using positive Adinkra designs on colorful backgrounds for leggings, T-shirts, pillows, tote bags and other accessories.

"My passion is to present artistic works that reflect the positive uplifting nature of my culture and share these original designs with the world. I want to see MaruvaWare in gyms, on the street and in homes across the country. I am working hard to see this happen"

Marcella has exhibited her work in schools, museums, galleries and art festivals throughout the country. Her work is in private collections across the country and internationally.

Marcella keeps current with invitational museum and gallery shows.

She is author of two of her own books, A Quilt of Dreams (Horror Novel) and A Journey Through Plastic Space (An illustrated book about her signature style of Plastic Space abstraction) Both available on Amazon. Marcella is also co-author of two Art books for an art organization, African Americans for the Arts.

"So help me out, and buy something from MaruvaWare and tell your friends!"