Marcella Hayes Muhammad

Artist in Decatur, Georgia

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Marcella Hayes Muhammad is an award winning fine artist, recognized for her elegant style, intricate detail and vibrant colors. Her work reflects the moods, emotions, and beauty she experiences around her in everyday life. In addition to her original oil paintings, Marcella is recognized for her popular licensed art series of "Ladies With Hats." Marcella uses realism, abstraction, and contemporary forms of art to convey her message. Her own signature style of figurative abstraction she has named "Plastic Space" has been in development and improving for over the last 40 years. Encouraged by her family, who recognized her talent at an early age, Marcella dedicated herself to improve her natural talents and study art professionally. Her formal training and extensive experience gives her an extraordinary range of style and media few artists possess.

"My passion is to present artistic works that reflect the positive nature of my culture and share that experience with the world."

Marcella has exhibited her work in schools, museums, galleries and art festivals throughout the country.Her work is in private collections across the country and internationally. Daughter of a Lieutenant in the Air Corps who taught Tuskegee Airman to fly and career Air Force officer, Marcella Hayes Muhammad was fortunate to live in Japan, France, Germany and many parts of the United States. Marcella credits her mother, Ruth Hayes, a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, for shaping her views of artistic expression by making sure she saw every art museum they could make in their travels.

She is active in local art organizations, participating in many art conferences where she has served as a guest-speaker and conducted master-classes and workshops. Marcella keeps current with invitational museum and gallery shows and is represented by ZuCot Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. She is author of two of her own books and co author of two for an art organization.