Art Samberg

business leader in Katonah, New York

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A business leader skilled in both the management of investments and in new technological advancement, Art Samberg utilized his diverse experience and knowledge while presiding over Pequot Capital Management, Inc. (PCMI) of Westport, Connecticut as Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and Managing Director. At its height, PCMI dominated the field as the world's largest hedge fund, responsible for over seventeen billion dollars in investment capital. Under Arthur Samberg, PCMI employed over 300 people and directed long/short equity funds, venture funds valued at approximately three billion dollars and other types of funds. In the spring of 2009, Art Samberg announced the conclusion of PCMI's operation as well as his intention to focus his attention on managing family funds. Art Samberg currently does this as manager of Hawkes Financial, LLC, investing mainly in technology, healthcare, and alternative energy startups during the angel-stage of their growth.

Preceding his pioneering career in hedge fund management, Art Samberg pursued an education steeped in scientific study. In the early years of the 1960s, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts and would go on to study that subject at Stanford, California's Stanford University, from which he graduated with his Master of Science. Following his graduate education in science, Arthur J Samberg earned his Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School at Columbia University in New York City.

In addition to his success in education and his continuing involvement in business, Art J Samberg involves himself with nonprofit organizations. Among other positions, he serves as Co-chair for the Board of Overseers at the Columbia Business School and sits on the New York Presbyterian Hospital's Board of Trustees, its Executive Committee, and its Investment Committee.

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    • Hawkes Financial LLC
  • Education
    • Columbia Business School
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology