Arts & Ag Trio

Hickman County, Tennessee

Nestled amongst the hills and hollers of Centerville, Tennessee are three women with common threads of love for local, sustainable farming, for creative arts, and for their community. They took it upon themselves to create a back roads tour of farms, art studios, live music performances and community centers across the beautiful, rural Hickman County area working under the name Arts & Ag.

Arts & Ag Mission Statement: Arts & Ag provides an open network for independently owned, craft-based, and agrarian businesses; and, to promote those local businesses to the public. Furthermore, Arts & Ag will provide educational opportunities for the community about the arts, cottage industry and sustainable farming. Through these efforts we hope to raise awareness, encourage creativity, increase agri-tourism and commerce in Hickman County, and support the practice of small-scale, sustainable agriculture.

  • Work
    • Wild Duck Soup Emporium