Arts Asia

Designer, Art Director, and Artist in Malaysia

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Founded in 1996, Art Asia sought out many different art works and photos that have an Asian subject. The focus was to bring together pieces and showcase them in events and galleries. Our main office is located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Our ventures have allowed us to partner with different organizations in organizing gatherings and events to display the arts and photos we have at our disposal. We have grown the list of artists and photographers that are under our name. The variety of work and personalities allows us to be a versatile art organization.

We have now adapted to the times and made our own blog that will act as our digital gallery. A number of art works and photos will be posted in this site. Each piece will be have their own description right below showing important details about the art work from the artist name to a simple review. It is our way to show the wonderful Asian art pieces to the world.