Art Szabo

Edmonton AB and Kelowna BC in Canada

I work all across Canada with independent businesses, clients, buyers, venues, etc to bring you the best knowledge, up to date music industry standards and practices, and best prices on services the industry has to offer.

So what is this venture you ask? ...good question allow me to explain. Sfear is a one stop shop for bands and artists alike. We offer everything you'll need (see full list on our SERVICES page) from full management to merchandise to booking to consultation on social media and industry practices to graphic and web design.

The bottom line is, I know how you feel the moment when you realize your band circle is complete. You have songs written, and the band mantra is to take over the world. Sex, Drugs, and rock and roll!!! (Note: We do not encourage drug use…)

So? Where to from here? That's where SFEAR comes in....

Contact us today and we’ll introduce you to the REALITIES of the music industry… It’s a terrifyingly beautiful thing ......

• Ex-touring musician
• Graphic designer for 12 years
• Talent Buyer for: Starlite Room / Brixx Bar, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 2008-2014. Rock Bottom Saskatoon (aka The Fez or old Roxy on Broadway) and VooDoos in Peniticton, BC.
• Factor Grant Juror 2010 - present
• Independent Music awards finalist Judge 2011 present
• Western Canadian Music Awards finalist Judge 2009 - present.
Speaker at 2013 and 2014 INDIEWEEK festival in Toronto, ON.
• Fluent in Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign and general computer software and presently breaking into After Effects and Premiere Pro.
• Extensive knowledge of social media platforms and practices relating to Music Industry marketing and fan accumulation.
• Digital branding and market placement / identity.
• Up to date knowledge and practices of the CanadianMusic Market.

  • Work
    • Sfear Management and Design
  • Education
    • Fluent in Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.
    • Microsoft word, excel 2010