Artur Victoria

Porto, Portugal

A trained lawyer and university teacher and research manager.I became the Portuguese Representative of FEDERASUR - Federation of Commerce and Industry of South America in May 2010. I work worldwide in business contacts and lobbying.

I am involved in a number of professional activities: Representative of Fernando Pessoa University within the L-PIEN network (since 2001); Honorary President of the “Luso International Foundation for Education and Culture in Northern Portugal”; initiator of the network of International Schools in Portugal (Braga, Porto, Leiria); co-founder of the Portuguese Northern National Defense Association and representative (for 4 years); European and Lusophone Representative of the Brazilian Military Academy (at present).

Since 1992 have been coordinator of Portuguese and Brazilian initiatives, organizing events on preventing corruption and fraud. Previous to my involvement in anti-corruption work I have been working as District Counselor of the National Bar Association. Porto Editora published several books about real estate and property administration law. For six years he was involved in teaching and coordination of the lawyer trainees programmer in Northern Portugal.

Specialties: Business Management
Strategic decisions
Public Relations
National Defence
Organised crime
E - Learning formation coordination

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    • Law - National Defense