Arturas Ratkus

Arturas Ratkus


BA (2000) English Philology – University of Vilnius

MA (2003) English Linguistics – University of Vilnius

MPhil (2006) Linguistics – Trinity College, University of Cambridge

PhD (2011) Linguistics – Trinity College, University of Cambridge

(Title of PhD thesis: The Adjective Inflection in Gothic and Early Germanic: Structure and Development)

Academic/research interests:

– Historical linguistics

– Morphology, morphosyntax

– Adnominal modification and possession

– History of the English Language

– Older Germanic languages (esp. Gothic and Old English)


(2009) ‘On Some Morphological Properties of the Adjective in Gothic’, Kalbotyra 61(3), 85–101.

(2009) ‘The Greek Sources of the Gothic Bible Translation’, Vertimo studijos 2, 37–53.

(2015) ‘Gothic Possessives, Adjectives and Other Modifiers in -ata’, Journal of Germanic Linguistics 27 (3).doi: 10.1017/S1470542714000233

(2016, forthcoming) ‘Features of the Gothic adjective, with special reference to determination’, in Lingua Gotica. Vol. 3.Moscow: Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation.

(2018, forthcoming) ‘Greek ἀρχιερεύς in Gothic Translation: linguistics and theology at a crossroads’, North-Western European Language Evolution (NOWELE) 71.

(2017, forthcoming) ‘Adnominal Linearisation of Possessives in Gothic'


– Weight training, weightlifting

– Electronics, repair work and construction

– Literature (fiction)

– Classical piano (18th–20th c.)

– Music performance and interpretation

Email: arturas.ratkus [AT]