Artie Mejia

Omaha Nebraska

I am a simple guy who have a heart for his community. As a Mexican, it was a hard challenge to leave my family, my house, my hometown. I was 17 years old when I immigrated to U.S.A. in 2000 and since then my only goal have been to success in this country where there are no borders that can put us apart of our dreams. In 2003 i met Christ and i received Him as my only Savior and Sustainer of my faith. As a Christian have been really hard to introduce the image of a "protestant Christ" to a culture full of traditions as is the pre-hispanic culture, but i keep teaching the idea of the Christ that the Bible shows out of the traditional Religious way. In 2005 i've got married to my wonderful wife Sharling and since then i feel completed. We are enjoying our firstborn Julia Margaret and now this is a new experience that i want to enjoy step by step. I have learned that as a human is hard to get involved in everyday-people-situations without the risk of be rejected because i think different of them, but it's hard to stay just watching how my community ( the hispanic community) is vanishing by the ignorance, fear and insecurity of live in another country. That is why i get involve in any program that improve a better way of living for my community. In 2013 i joined the teamwork of InCommon Community Development here in Omaha, Ne. as GED Instructor in Spanish. Also i started the Spanish LifeGroup in Westside Church from Omaha ( W. Dodge Rd. Campus) and i feel great teaching the precepts of the Gospel of Christ and God's will. I don't have a interesting life but what i have is what i give. And i love what i am doing.

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