Arturo Vergara

I am a blooming iOS developer and an aspiring computer scientist. My golden dream is to go to the MIT when I'm out of high school. I've also been a musician for most of my life (since I was five).

I love creating software just for the thrills and rushes of the trade, I love challenges and I am constantly testing myself to see how far I can get.

One of my passions is reading and (in the rare occasion that I'm not lazy or have some new idea) writing. My favorite author is Mr. Edgar Allan Poe.

Another passion of mine is cinema, I always love a good movie, specially if it is art cinema or an underrated indie or underground gem.

Yet another passion of mine is photography, though I know almost nothing on the subject, I love to watch good photography.

Finally, what keeps me moving and is the juice to my life and the spice to my days, is music, I LOVE music, I'm not the conventional Lady Gaga fan or the Justin Bieber worshiper though (c'mon people, really?), you can almost always find me enjoying the deep delights of a good Bauhaus album, or the adrenaline-inducing Does It Offend You, Yeah?, or the peace-of-mind-achiever The XX or finally, the heart-warming-feet-moving Broken Social Scene.