The Artwork Factory®

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We don’t simply search for art and design innovations, we create them... Stylish motives & beautiful art products define The Artwork Factory.

It's our belief that great art isn't something that’s reserved exclusively for the top one percent & it should be easily obtainable for all who wish to enjoy it.

This philosophy is the catalyst behind The Artwork Factory, a business that brings fine art to the public in a diverse assortment of furniture, area rugs and wall décor items... All of which are available in a variety of sizes & substrates.

The Artwork Factory also looks to support artists. Providing exposure, and even mentorship. Working with artists through licensing, allows the artist to focus on being creative. This does more than sustain the artist, It helps them to thrive & share in our success.

Our product lines offer vibrancy, color, and universal themes that transcend language and culture bariers, all of which resonates with a global audience.