Arty Kat

Heart of the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia

In my previous life, I was a psychotherapist specializing in grief and trauma resolution therapist. I was also an ordained minister and pastor, as well as the head of an international school of ministry training others to work in the area of healing spiritually/emotionally/somtimes-physically wounded people.

However, I retired due to becoming too disabled (had been disabled for years) to do my life work and had to rediscover myself. Meanwhile, I moved with my British husband from a Mid-Western city to a very rural and poverty-stricken region of the Appalachian Mountains. We have been here nearly ten years now, and have fallen in love the culture, people, scenery and wildlife.

My father, who would have been in his nineties if he hadn't died when I was only twenty (and mom at 23, btw), was an amateur and then professional photographer all his life, and he passed that love for visual beauty on to me. My husband, now disabled and retired as well, and I are learning to live our new life that includes fighting for our brain and body health as well as seeking out joy and laughter.

Lover of color, words, nature, animals, laughter, and friendships that last.