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Aruba is One Happy Island in every aspect – after all, who would not want to spend a beautiful day being surrounded by balmy sun, pristine white sand, lush vegetation and multi-colour fishes floating around the periphery of the shore to give you a warm welcome!

Rich delicacies, great culture, colourful festivals, elegant architecture are just few of the reasons to pay a visit to this Never Neverland. Aruba Vip Tours offers you the luxury and comfort of covering each single nook of this dream destination in a single day! We offer 4 hr, 6 hr and 8 hr Aruba private tours in our brand new tech-equipped 4x4 Toyota FJ Cruisers. Each SUV is fully automatic with 5 speeds and 6 cylinders. There is room enough for 5 members to sit back and relax while watching the tropical beaches and historical monuments.

Aruba Vip Tours strive hard to tailor the trip as per our customer’s preferences – you make your bucket list of the tourist spots of your choice and we will fulfil your wishes in the fixed time slot. Our same day Aruba tours comprise of covering world-famous Aruba tourist spots including magnificent California Lighthouse, Fontein Cave, Baby Beach, Quadirikiri Caves, Natural Pool, Arikok National Park and much more but you can customize your tour and only explore deeply the places of your choice.

Aruba has some of the world-renowned spots for trekking, snorkelling and swimming. Our efficient drivers have thorough knowledge of each and every corner of the island and visiting the place of your choice will be ultra-breezy. Feel free to give us a call on +297-593-3840 to enquire about a tour package.